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How long are classes?     

Classes meet once per week and last 45-50 minutes including a short water break.  


How many kids are in each class?       

Classes have a MAXIMUM of 7 kids with one coach. Instructional leagues and PLUS classes

for soccer and basketball may go up to 8 kids.  Instructional leagues go up to 14 kids,

but will have at least two instructors running those sessions.


What should my child wear to class?          

Loose fitting clothing and sneakers are perfect. We highly recommend that children

refrain from wearing cleats, sandals, crocs, or boots. 

How do I register?         

You can register online through our website by selecting your desired location, program and session. Or, you may register by phone at 615-891-7028.

What age group should I register for if my child has a birthday during the session?              

We require children participate in the proper age appropriate classes as defined in our literature and website. The proper class is determined by the child’s age at the first class of the session. Any exceptions must be approved by the program director and will be assessed for suitability by the instructor in the first class of the session.

What if the class or camp I want is sold out?              

Please register for the waitlist. Your credit card information will not be charged unless you are offered and accept a spot. We will contact you if/when a spot becomes available. Sometimes this can be a week or two into a session, however you have no obligation to join.

Do you offer trial classes?          

Yes!  We offer trials for children aged 5 and under.  The cost of a trial class is $15, and that price will be applied toward a registration fee if the child enrolls in a class or camp no later than the day after the trial class occurs.  To register for a trial class, please call us at 615-891-7028. 

There are no refunds for trial classes or for no-shows for trial classes.  Trial classes are offered based on availability.  We cannot hold a spot for a trial class before a session begins. If you wish to schedule a trial during the first week of classes, please contact us a day or two before the class.

​For children aged 6 and up, the child and a parent or guardian may observe a class in action to help determine if the child would like to register for the class or to determine if the child’s skill and/or experience level is appropriate for the class.

Do you offer make-up classes?             

Classes that are missed for any reason may be made up based on class availability, up to two per session. However, to be eligible for a make-up, you must notify the office IN ADVANCE OF THE ABSENCE by email (  All makeup classes must be completed during the session in which the participant is enrolled.  We will try our best to accommodate make-up requests, however, we cannot guarantee there will be a location and/or class alternatives for you to participate in.  PRIVATE LESSONS can ONLY be made up with 24 hour advance notice of cancellation.  We must charge you for a private lesson if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or no show for the lesson.


Can I drop my child off for class?        

No, classes are 45-50 minutes and require a parent or guardian to be on-site.

What is your policy for allowing children with special needs into your program?     

Yes, children with special needs are welcome in our programs as long as we can accommodate them with our existing equipment and staff.  In some cases, we may request children have a caregiver or parent participate with the child in class.             

What parent participation is required?            

Our two year old classes require parent/caregiver participation in all classes. For three and four year old classes, we ask for parent or caregiver participation only as necessary. If a child needs help adapting to a class, we welcome parent’s help to make them comfortable. 

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will be offered if a class or other planned activity does not meet minimum enrollment and in cases of long-term illness or injury to the enrolled child - typically in cases where the child would miss 50% or more of the enrolled activity.   In these cases, refunds will be offered in full.  Refunds will be offered if you move out of the greater Nashville area (a documented move outside of the following counties: Williamson, Davidson, Maury, Rutherford, Wilson, Cheatham).  In these cases, there will be a $25 administration fee for each refund processed.    Refunds may be offered up to two weeks before the start of a class session (e.g. the start of the full spring session) camp, or other activity and in these cases there will be a $25 admin fee for each refund processed.  If you withdraw from an activity more than two weeks before it starts, you may receive a credit instead of a refund and a $25 administrative fee will be charged.

If you withdraw from a class less than two weeks before the first day of classes you will be offered a credit for the amount of your registration paid less a $25 administrative fee.  


Once a class session begins, credits may be offered in cases of non-participation or similar reasons; in these cases the credits will be for the unused portion of the registration fee minus a $25 administrative fee.   In these cases we will require the child attend / attempt at least two classes.  If notice of withdrawal is received less than 48 hours before that week’s scheduled class, you will be charged for that class.  Credits cannot be issued retroactively - we cannot issue credits if we are notified AFTER the planned activity has occurred.  Credits can be used for classes, camps or private lessons.

There will be no credits offered for withdrawal from a class after the first three weeks of a session, except in cases of long term illness or injury that would result in the child missing three or more weeks of classes, documented by a doctor's note.

For camps, you may request a refund up to two weeks before the start of a camp; there will be a $25 fee charged for each refund processed.  If you withdraw from a camp within two weeks of it starting, you may be issued a credit minus a $25 fee.  No credits will be offered after the Thursday before the camp begins unless the child has an illness or injury which would result in them missing at least half of the camp, documented by a doctor’s note.  There are no refunds or credits for unused camp days.   Transfers between summer camp weeks can be done through the Thursday before a camp begins, based on availability.

Birthday parties – birthday party deposits are non-refundable and are not eligible for a credit if unused.  In cases of illness or injury to the birthday child or severe weather we will work with you to reschedule the party to a mutually available day and time.  If the party is not rescheduled within two months of the original party date, the party deposit will be forfeited.

Changes to birthday party bookings can be done up to one month before the original party date, based on availability.  In these cases the new party booking must be within one month of the original date.  No changes allowed within one month of the party date unless the birthday child is sick or injured, documented by a doctor's note.

In cases of government-mandated closures, all registrations will be held and honored when it is lawful to do so.

How do you handle cases of disrespectful language or physical actions toward other children or coaches?


We strive to not only help players become better athletes, but also better kids. We emphasize teamwork, a positive attitude and good sportsmanship towards teammates and coaches. Use of disrespectful language and/or physical actions towards other players, coaches and equipment will not be tolerated. Children who violate this policy may be subject to sitting out during portions of classes, camps or other activities. Repeat or extreme violations may result in expulsion from activities for the day or for the remainder of the class session or camp. In such cases no refund will be provided.

What is your camps restroom policy?

All campers must be able to use an adult toilet with no assistance from a coach. If not, an adult parent or caregiver must stay throughout the camp to assist with any restroom needs.  Booster steps are available to assist young children in reaching the toilet, but no potty seats or portable training toilets are provided or allowed.  For liability reasons coaches are prohibited from entering a bathroom with a child or assisting in the bathroom or with changing clothes in any way. 


While accidents may happen, they should not be the norm.  If your child has more than one accident during a camp week, we will withdraw them from the camp for the remainder of the week.  A credit will be placed on their account for the unused camp days for the week, less a $25 withdrawal charge, and we will ask that you wait to re-enroll them in a drop off event until they are full potty trained.

What is your private lessons cancellation policy?

Private lessons must be cancelled by 12pm the day of the lesson or you will be charged for the lesson.

What is your weather policy for outdoor classes?

Similar to local youth leagues, we will play if the forecast is for light, occasional rain.  We will cancel if the forecast predicts steady or persistent rain or thunderstorms. If classes are cancelled due to weather, we will send an email no later than one hour before the first scheduled class of the day for the location, we will update our Facebook page (@LPGSportsAcademy) and we will update the outgoing message on our office phone (615-891-7028) to indicate the cancellation.  We typically allow for one cancellation per session for outdoor classes, so if there is a weather cancellation we will typically extend the session by one additional week.  If there is more than one weather cancellation, the additional makeups will be handled through our regular make up process for missed classes.  In cases of cancellation, impacted customers will be notified of makeup details by email.

FAQ & Policies

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